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Hey there!


My name is Savannah Mensinger, aka Hormone Sav! My husband and I are from Iowa and currently have one rowdy little toddler boy and another one on the way. 

We met at Iowa State University, where I received my B.S. in Biological Sciences. After graduation, I worked in a hospital lab as a Histotechnologist, where I worked alongside a pathologist to process and treat human bodily tissue to diagnose any diseases or abnormalities.

I have been an athlete my entire life, competing specifically in softball and track. With plans to play college softball, I decided to call it quits after two ACL reconstructions. Switching from competitive sports to learning about strength training and nutrition on my own was a very big adjustment, but something I fell in love with none the less.

When I became pregnant with my son, I realized the lack of information out there regarding fitness and nutrition during the prenatal and postpartum period. It was then that I was determined to change that for other soon to be and new mamas!

I became a Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Health Coach all within a matter of a few months because I wanted to ensure the clients I was working with were getting the absolute best from me that they could. However, after working more and more with women, I realize there not only was a shortage of education in the prenatal and postpartum health field, but the women's health field as a WHOLE. This is when I became a Certified Hormone Specialist through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to help women struggling with their health goals, whether that was prenatal or postpartum, fertility, reaching their physique goals, or just feeling better overall!

I'm so excited you are here and hope to connect with you more!

-Hormone Sav
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